Many of the works he sketched on Minstrel were completed once he was back in his own Maple Bay environment with all his supplies. Until interrupted in 1984 when an uninsured young driver drove into his car, he had been working well. Although his injuries seemed minimal, in the weeks following he developed a serious anemia of unknown origins and ultimately required blood transfusions. This, too, he overcame. In 1986 he changed direction again and created a series of oil abstracts on reactive material, unlike anything he had tried before. The control of the results thrilled him the more he worked with it. Once he had done enough of them to know he could return, he wanted another change of theme so he wouldn't restrict himself. He was already 'seeing' how he was going to approach other new work and his beautiful but time-and-focus consuming lovely vegetable garden return to nature. Once his inner eye had developed an image he needed to put it down visually. He couldn't deal with the seduction of vegetable gardening.